Solo Albums

Belinda Carlisle Has released 8 solo Studio Albums and 4  albums with the Go-Go’s between 1981 and 2017.

Belinda | 1986.

Belinda’s 1st studio album after leavening the Go-Go’s was the self titled Belinda released in 1986.
Included the US top 10 hit Mad about you and singles Feel the magic and a cover of Rita Paynes Classic “Band of gold”.

  1. Mad about You
  2. I need a disguise
  3. Since You’ve Gone
  4. I feel the magic
  5. I never wanted a rich Man
  6. Band of gold
  7. Gotta get to you
  8. From the heart
  9. Shot in the dark
  10. Stuff and Nonsense

                      Heaven On Earth | 1987

                      In 1987 Belinda released the Worldwide smash hit album “Heaven on Earth”The Album was produced by Rick Knowel.
                      The Album included the worldwide No 1 Smash hit Heaven is a place on earth as well as the UK Top 10 hits I get weak and Circle in the sand. 

                      1. Heaven Is A Place On Earth
                      2. Circle in the sand
                      3. I Feel Free
                      4. Should I Let You In?
                      5. World Without You 
                      6. I Get Weak
                      7. We Can Change
                      8. Fool For Love 
                      9. Nobody Owns Me
                      10. Love Never Dies

                      Runaway Horses | 1989

                      Belinda Released her third studio Album in 1989 again produced by Rick Knowel. The albums debut single was "Leave a light on" which charted top 10 in various countries across the world. Th second single was La Luna with didn't chart so well. The third single was Runaway Horses followed by Vision of you. It wasn't until a remix version of We Want the same thing was released in 1990 Belinda returned to the  top 10. Summer rain was later released and a limited edition Vinyl remix of vision of you.

                      1. Leave a light on
                      2. Runaway horses
                      3. Vision of you
                      4. Summer rain
                      5. La Luna
                      6. We want the same thing
                      7. Deep deep ocean
                      8. Valentine
                      9. Whatever it takes
                      10. Shade of Michaelamgelo

                      1991 | Live Your Life Be Free

                      Belinda Carlisle - Live Your Life Be Free
                      Belinda Carlisle - Live Your Life Be Free

                      1. Live Your Life Be Free (Rick Knowel /Ellen Shipley)
                      2. Do You Feel Like I Feel?(Rick Knowels /Ellen Shipley)
                      3. Half The World (Richard Feildman/Eric Pressly/Ellen Shipley)
                      4. You Came Out Of Nowhere (Rick Knowel /David Munday)
                      5. You're Nothing Without Me (Rick Knowels)
                      6. I Plead Insanity (Rick Knowels/David Munday/Kusha Prasad)
                      7. Emotional Highway (Rick Knowel /Ellen Shipley)
                      8. Little Black Book (Richard Feldman/Marcy Levy/Belinda Carlisle)
                      9. Love Revolution (Rick Knowels)
                      10. World Of Love (Chalotte Caffey/Jeff McDonald/Steven McDonald)
                      11. Loneliness Game (Eric Pressly/Belinda Carlisle)

                      1993 | Real
                      Belinda Carlisle - Real
                      Belinda Carlisle - Real

                      1. Goodbye Day (Chalotte Caffey/Tom Caffey/Jeff McDonald/Steven McDonald)
                      2. Big Scary Animal (Chalotte Caffey/Belinda Carlisle/R.Schuckett)
                      3. Too Much Water (Chalotte Caffey/Tom Caffey/R.Caffey/Belinda Carlisle)
                      4. Lay Down Your Arms (Chalotte Caffey/R.Schuckett/Ellen Shipley)
                      5. Where Love Hides (R.Schuckets)
                      6. One With You (Chalotte Caffey/R.Schuckett/Ellen Shipley)
                      7. Wrap My Arms (Chalotte Caffey/Tom Caffey/Belinda Carlisle)
                      8. Tell Me (Chalotte Caffey/Tom Caffey/Belinda Carlisle)
                      9. Windows Of The World (Chalotte Caffey/Tom Caffey/Belinda Carlisle)
                      10. Here Come My Baby (G.Alexander/Chalotte Caffey/Belinda Carlisle)

                      1996 | A Woman And A Man
                      Belinda Carlisle - A Woman And A man
                      Belinda Carlisle - A Woman And A man

                      1. Into Deep (Rick Knowels)
                      2. California (Stienberg/Rick Knowels/Maria Vidal)
                      3. A Woman And A Man (Robbie Siedman / Maria Vidal)
                      4. Remember September (Rick Knowels /Ellen Shipley)
                      5. Listen To Love (Christopher Garcia/John Inglesby/Ralph McCarthy)
                      6. Always Breaking My Heart (Per Gessle) 
                      7. Love Doesn't Live Here (Per Gessle)
                      8. He Goes On (Neil Finn)
                      9.Kneel At Your Feet (Chalotte Caffey/Tom Caffey / Belinda Carlisle)
                      10. Love In The Key Of C (Rick Knowels)
                      11. My heart goes out to you (Rick Knowels / Allen Rich / Anders Baggee)

                      2007 | Voila
                      Belinda Carlisle - Voila
                      Belinda Carlisle - Voila

                      1. Ma Jeunesse Fout Le Camp (Guy Bontempelli)
                      2. Bonnie et Clyde (Serge Gainsbourg)
                      3. Avec Le Temps (Leo Ferre)
                      4. Sous Le Ciel De Paris (Hubert Giraud/Jean Drejac)
                      5. Des Ronds Dans L'Eau (Pierre Barouh/Raymond Lesenechal)
                      6. Pourtant Tu M'aimes (Francoise Hardy/Jimmie Cross/Johnny Cole)
                      7. Ne Me Quitte Pas (Jacques Brel) 
                      8. La Vie En Rose (Edith Piaf/Louiguy/David Mack)
                      9. Contact (Serge Gainsbourg) 
                      10. Merci Cherie (Udo Jurgens/Thomas Horbiger/Baker Cavendish)
                      11. Jezebel (Wayne Shanklin)

                      2017 | Wilder Shores
                      Belinda Carlisle - Wilder Shores
                      Belinda Carlisle - Wilder Shores

                      1."Adi Shakti" (Belinda CarlisleGabe Lopez)
                      2. "Ek Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasad" (Belinda CarlisleGabe Lopez)
                      3. "Light of My Soul" (Belinda Carlisle Gabe Lopez)
                      4. "Rakhe Rakhan Har" (Belinda CarlisleGabe Lopez)
                      5. "Har Gobinday" (Belinda CarlisleKrishan KhalsaGabe Lopez)
                      6. "Humee Hum Brahm Hum" (Belinda CarlisleGabe Lopez)
                      7. "Aad Guray Nameh" (Belinda CarlisleKrishan KhalsaGabe Lopez)
                      8. "Long Time Sun" (Belinda CarlisleGabe Lopez)
                      9. "Heaven Is a Place on Earth" (Acoustic Version) (Rick NowelsEllen Shipley)