New Recording "Get Together" & Nobody Owns Me Album


As National Album Day 2021 celebrates women in music, Belinda Carlisle has chosen a selection of her recordings that illustrate the theme for this special limited edition release. The songs are all taken from her albums "Heaven On Earth", "Live Your Life Be Free" and "Real". Also featured is a brand new 2021 recording, Belinda's fabulous version of The Youngbloods' 1966 appeal for unity, "Get Together", recorded in Los Angeles in July 2021 with producer Gabe Lopez. Pressed on 180 gram white vinyl. The LP will be released on October 16th 2021. 

Track List:

  1. I Feel Free 
  2. Nobody Owns Me
  3. You're Nothing Without Me
  4. Emotional Highway
  5. Get Together 
  6. Live Your Life Be Free
  7. Little Black Book
  8. Wrap My Arms
  9. Goodbye Day