Belinda, 35th Anniversary Edition (Amazon Exclusive - 180g Pink Vinyl) [VINYL]

Belinda, 35th Anniversary Edition (Amazon Exclusive - 180g Pink Vinyl) [VINYL]

Limited Edition, 5th Anniversary Edition180 grams

A special Barbie pink edition of Belinda's debut album will be released on the 27th of may 2021.

Product Details

  • Two beautiful Pink Vinyl's pressed on 180g
  • Featuring the hit singles “Mad About You” and “I Feel The Magic
  • Also features five bonus tracks on side three, including three mixes of Belinda’s version of “Band Of Gold” recorded with Freda Payne
  • With help from fellow Go-Go Charlotte Caffey, producer Michael Lloyd and guest musicians Duran Duran’s Andy Taylor, Susanna Hoffs and Jane Wiedlin, “Belinda” was Belinda Carlisle’s first solo album, originally issued in 1986, now reissued on vinyl for the first time
  • Side four features five live tracks taken from the “Belinda” video release. Also included are the lyrics and a sleeve note based on an interview with Belinda.

Track Listing


1. Mad About You 

2. I Need A Disguise 

3. Since You’ve Gone

4. I Feel The Magic 

5. I Never Wanted A Rich Man


1. Band Of Gold /

2. Gotta Get To You 

 3. From The Heart 

 4. Shot In The Dark 

5. Stuff And Nonsense



1. Band Of Gold [featuring Freda Payne] [single mix]

2. Dancing In The City 

3. Mad About You [extended version] 

4. Band Of Gold [featuring Freda Payne] [extended mix] 

5. Band Of Gold [featuring Freda Payne] [dub mix]



1. Shot In The Dark 

2. L u s t To Love 

3. Mad About You 

4. Since You’ve Gone 

 5. Head Over Heels

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