New Album

Do you think you’ll do another pop album again?

Im working on something but logistically its really hard to get anything finished, Im about half way done with something with Gabe Lopez

He produced Superstar and why which were extra cuts that i did for heaven on earth Boxset. we have the pop sensibility

So we’ve been working on something, I don’t know it will ever, because i live in Bangkok and its just hard.

Are you not travelling so much NOW THEN?

Traveling a lot but to be anchored down in one place its a big time commitment unless Gabe, Gabe said he’d come to maybe finish it in Bankbook i don’t know

I hope so. 

Yeah We'll See.

Belinda has stated In previous interviews that she had no interest in recording a new album in english. Her last English album was a woman and a man in 1996 . A New album was expected in 1999 however the album never materialised and a greatest hits was released instead with three new songs.

In 2007 Belinda released the critically acclaimed French language album voila! with a special edition including four tracks in English. 10 years later in 2017 Belinda released her 8th studio solo album "Wilder Shores" An album of chants with a pop beat.

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